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My name is Michiel. I was born on one of the coldest days in January 1987 in Arcen, a small village in the south of the Netherlands between the German border and the river Maas. Since my earliest childhood I was always interested in drawing and creating things. Eventually this led to a course in Communication & Multimedia Design at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. In this course I learned about branding, photo manipulation, vector-based illustrating, web design, game design, video editing, usability testing etc. During this time I also worked as a freelance designer.

In my early twenties I developed a passion for travelling. Especially discovering beautiful landscapes, spotting wildlife and experiencing foreign cultures. On my travels I’m always accompanied by my camera, looking for beautiful scenery to capture. Because of this passion I moved to Ireland in 2013, to do a Master course in Creative Digital Media at the Dublin Institute of Technology. After 18 months of hard work, meeting dozens of interesting people from all over the world and exploring all the beauty Ireland has to offer, I graduated with First Class Honours.

After taking a much needed break, I moved back to the Netherlands in 2015 and started working as a freelance designer.


MSc. in Creative Digital Media

Dublin Institute of Technology - Graduated with First Class Honours in 2015

Modules included Design Practise, Authoring Principles, Digital Media Tools, Ludology, Mobile Game Production, Design Practise, Media Enterpreneurship, Unity Design and Unity Programming (C#). For our final project we developed a fully playable demo of a survival horror game in Unity.

BSc. in Communication & Multimedia Design

HAN University of Applied Sciences - Graduated with merit in 2012

Semesters included Create a Game, Create a Rich Internet Application, Create an Interactive Content Application and Digital Media Productions. At the end of every semester we developed a multimedia product in multidisciplinary teams.

Work Experience

Self Employed

Freelance Digital Media Designer - 2015 - Present

After finishing my Master, I started working as a freelance designer. The work I have done so far includes corporate design, designing various mobile applications, video editing and designing for print. My clients are mostly web-based marketing and development companies and Euro Pool System B.V., the market leader in returnable crates for the fresh supply chain in Europe.

Emerald Lion Games

Game Artist - 2014 - 2015

A studio set up for our Master project. The goal was to develop a first person survival horror game, from the concept phase to a fully playable demo. This also included a lot of research, planning and promotion. My main roles were concept development, 3D modeling, level design and user interface design.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Copyshop Location Manager - 2012 - 2013

Interim job between my Bachelor and Master. I was in charge of the copyshop on the location Venlo and managed all printing (i.e. readers, exams and promotional material for the university) on this location. This job also included designing for print.

Océ (Research & Development)

Design Intern - 2012

My graduation assignment was developing a new graphical style to display instructions to solve errors on Océ printers. This included researching user wishes and expectations, experimenting with various graphical styles, designing a sequence of step-by-step instructions in 3D, designing graphical user interfaces for printers and mobile devices and a lot of usability testing.

Self Employed

Freelance Digital Media Designer - 2008 - 2012

During my time in college, I worked as a freelance designer to gain work experience. My contracts included logo and corporate design for non-profit organisations and small businesses and designing promotional materials (i.e. posters, flyers and banners) for local festivals and other cultural happenings.


Design Intern - 2012

My workplace assignment was researching ways to implement social media in educational methods and building a prototype webportal in Joomla, based on my research results. Also included user testing. As a member of the design team, I also worked on some of LaVerbe's contracts. This mostly included web design, design for print and video productions.

Various Employers

Various Weekend Jobs - 2003 - 2012

Various weekend and holiday jobs to earn some extra money during the time I was attending college. I worked as an assistant lifeguard at a spa, as a restaurant employee and as a cashier at a gas station. All jobs required me to interact with German customers on a daily basis.


Estimations based on my knowledge and experience with particular skill.



Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

3D Design

Autodesk 3D Studio Max
Google Sketchup

Game Engines

Unity 3D
Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects

Audio Editing

Adobe Audition


Axure RP Pro

Web Design

Bootstrap 3

Programming Languages

C# (for Unity)


Digital Photography
Adobe Lightroom / Camera Raw

Other Skills


Curriculum Vitae

Download my full CV in PDF format.




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Photography cover

Digital Photography

Photography & Photo Editing - July 2012 - Present

Since 2012 I became increasingly interested in photography, especially when travelling abroad. I mostly enjoy taking pictures of impressive scenery, architecture and wildlife. More recently I also started experimenting with night photography and panorama photography.

The pictures seen below are slightly edited in Adobe Lightroom to improve colour balance, contrast, white balance etc. Adobe Photoshop is used for removing unwanted objects and stitching panorama photos.


The Dublin Docklands at night.
A Hummingbird in flight.
A beautiful sunrise at Bryce Canyon.
A waterfall photographed with long exposure.
An eerie country road in the early morning.
Close-up shot of a duck.
Almost a full moon.
Partial sunlight on the Cliffs of Moher.
Two Ground Squirrels staring in the distance.
A foggy sunset.
Panorama of Bow Valley, Banff National Park.
Moss & water.
A very colourful lizard.
A bee on a flower. I used a partial colour effect to draw the attention to the subject.
Panorama of Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park.
Panorama of Peyto Lake, Banff National Park.
Evening view over the river Liffey in Dublin.
A Pronghorn in Yellowstone National Park.
Deer herd in Phoenix Park.
A hungry squirrel.
Yellow flowers.
Rocky coast on Tenerife.
A mountain lake in the Canadian Rockies.
The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.
Black-tailed Deer.
Multnomah Falls in Oregon.
Panorama of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
Crawling lizard.
Close-up of a Dragonfly.
Feeding Hummingbirds.
Panorama of the Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley National Park.
A bird in the Rocky Mountains.
Panorama of the Seattle skyline.
Panorama of the Vancouver harbour.
The Teton Mountains reflecting in Jackson Lake.
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
A Bald Eagle sitting in a tree.


Icon Adobe Photoshop
Icon Adobe Lightroom
DevMasters cover


Corporate Design - January 2016

DevMaster B.V. is a software development company based in Nijmegen. I was hired to work on the corporate design. This included creating a colour scheme for the company, designing the logo and designing business cards.

My client wanted the logo to have a ‘tech feeling’ and to look a little bit playful. After experimenting with a few different styles, we ended up with a ‘steampunk’ gear – representing both playfulness and the tech element. After that I designed a fitting font in Illustrator. Once the logo was done and approved, I designed the business cards, using the colour scheme and the recognizable gear element of the logo.


Custom font designed in Illustrator.
The DevMasters logo.
Front and back side of a business card. Contact info has been removed on request of my client.


Icon Adobe Illustrator
Chat Application cover

Chat App

Mobile Application - September 2014 - October 2014

A template for a mobile dating and chatting application designed as a freelance job. My client hired me to design a relatively simple and very easy to use application, which should include a chat function, a function to find contacts and options to create and edit your user profile.

The design and usability are slightly inspired by WhatsApp and Tinder. I researched both applications and used some of their good design elements as examples. For my client the key thing was simplicity. Functionality should meet the expectations of the average smartphone user and the depth of information levels should be limited.

The colour scheme was chosen to make the application stand out from regular chat applications and to give it an appropriate feel for a dating application. Because this is basically a template, no logos or application names are used in the design.


Since this project is still in development, no images are shown here for now on request of my client. I am allowed to show them in private, so please contact me if you are interested in this particular project.


Icon Adobe Illustrator
Phobos cover


PC Game - June 2014 - January 2015

Phobos is an indie style first person survival horror game set in an abandoned futuristic space station. Influenced by games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Silent Hill and Resident Evil, we aimed to create a truly terrifying atmospheric horror experience. The game was developed in Unity 3D, in cooperation with fellow student Ciarán Dickinson as the final project for the Master course Creative Digital Media.

This is a survival horror game. That means the player must use his wits to survive. His main goal is to survive and find a way out of the space station. Logically, the gameplay focusses mostly on exploration and solving puzzles to progress. Since the player has no weapons to defend himself, he can only run or hide from the alien creature that starts stalking him through the abandoned hallways.

Since this was only a two man project, we both had many different roles to fulfill. Some important tasks we performed together were concept development, researching how to design horror and planning this huge project. My more specific roles were modelling and texturing all 3D assets and characters, designing the user interface and building the space station in Unity 3D.

A fully playable demo of the game can be downloaded here for free.


Release trailer
Gameplay video


A 3D render of the Alien creature, made in 3DS Max.
Various objects made in 3DS Max.
A decontamination room.
One of the many deserted hallways of the space station.
The in-game inventory menu.
Underground maintenance tunnels.
A gas leak is preventing the player from going this way.
Bright sunlight shines in through these small windows.
A deceased Phobos Employee. Created in Fuse and retextured in Photoshop.
A flashlight is necessary to see in these dark tunnels.
A control room with live feeds from various locations.
A locker room.
No survival horror game is complete without puzzles.
In-game cursor icons depicting various actions the player can perform and menu icons depicting various items.
The Phobos logo designed in Illustrator (top) and textured in Photoshop (bottom).
The Emerald Lion Games logo designed in Illustrator.


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Icon Autodesk 3DS Max
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Icon Adobe Illustrator
Icon Mixamo Fuse
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Extreme Pizza Delivery cover

Extreme Pizza Delivery

PC Minigame - March 2014

Extreme Pizza Delivery is a top down minigame, created as an assignment for my Master. Because the time to work on this assignment was very limited, the game is not fully developed and should be seen as an early build to demonstrate basic gameplay.

The goal of the game is to deliver a pizza at the ‘finish point’ during rush hour. The pizza has to be delivered within a certain time, or else the player loses. The twist of this game is the player can pick up rockets and use them to blow up cars and clear his path. Given more time to work on this project, I would have added a GPS GUI element, more varied obstacles (i.e. crossroads, traffic lights, pedestrians) and more variation in the level design.

The inspiration for this project came from cycling to college during the morning rush hour in Dublin; this was quite a challenge and often required me to dodge cars and find the fastest way through traffic jams.

Note: The background music was downloaded from a free music website.


Gameplay video


Artwork of the player and various cars made in Illustrator.
A screenshot of the game.
A screenshot of the game.


Icon Unity
Icon MonoDevelop for Unity
Icon Adobe Illustrator
Pigeon Invasion cover

Pigeon Invasion

Mobile Game - October 2013 - December 2013

Pigeon Invasion is a casual iPhone game developed in GameSalad Creator in cooperation with fellow students Carmen Ng and Gabriel Pavan. Rather than creating an entirely new game, the goal of this project was to base our game on an existing game – in our case we chose the 1982 classic ‘Choplifter!’.

In Pigeon Invasion the player controls a pigeon looking for food to feed her baby pigeon. Of course this is not easy; numerous obstacles, mischievous boys, hungry dogs and predatory birds make collecting food a challenging business.

My main role in this project was graphic design. I was responsible for the creation of all character sprites, level backgrounds, menus and HUD icons in Illustrator. Furthermore I was responsible for usability testing and creating the first part of the promotional video in After Effects.

The game is available for download in the App Store.


Release trailer
An impression of the gameplay. Due to software limitations, unfortunately a higher resolution was not possible.


Illustrations of the main character.
Illustrations of various enemies.
Illustrations of various enemies.
The in-game menu.
A hi-res promotional screenshot of the game.
A hi-res promotional screenshot of the game.
A hi-res promotional screenshot of the game.


Icon Adobe Illustrator
Icon Adobe After Effects
Silent Hill cover

Silent Hill Title Sequence

Video Production - November 2013

One of the assignments for my master course was to create a title sequence for a movie using Adobe After Effects. I chose to create this title sequence for the movie Silent Hill (2007), a movie I had recently seen. The atmosphere of the mysterious ghost town setting was a great inspiration for this video.

I started off by creating silhouettes of abandoned streets and buildings to depict the setting of the movie. I wanted the title sequence to match the dark, ominous atmosphere of the movie, so I used dark colours and lighting effects to simulate subtle flickering lights. Furthermore I used effects for thick fog and falling ashes, because these are two effect that are used a lot in the movie to set the atmosphere and are also relevant to the story.

Note: The background music is part of the movie's soundtrack and is not made by myself.


Title Sequence made in After Effects.


Icon Adobe After Effects
Icon Adobe Illustrator
Océ cover

Océ Graduation Project

Interactive Instructions - February 2012 - June 2012

To graduate for my Bachelor in Communication & Multimedia Design I did a 5 month internship at the design department of Océ - one of the world's leading suppliers in document management and printing for professionals. My graduation project consisted of redesigning error instructions for Océ printers.

The goal of the project was to research and design modern looking, user-friendly interactive instructions for error handling on Océ printers. Some key elements of the project were researching touchscreen design, visualising instructions and the corporate style of Océ, doing an international survey to find out user’s wishes and expectations, various experimental design rounds and a lot usability testing.

The final product is a mockup prototype that displays step by step instructions on how to solve an error in the form of short 3D animations. Two important functions in this prototype are a 'more info'-function - that shows a description of the action - and an 'x-ray'-functions - that allows the user to locate the error in 'x-ray-view'.

The final part of the project was to 'translate' my design to mobile devices. This resulted in another prototype that shows a compact version of the same instructions on a portrait mobile screen. This prototype also contains an overview page that shows a list of all printers in a workspace. This allows the user to easily keep track of them.

Note: Adobe Flash was strictly used as an easy prototyping tool.


A mockup prototype for the printer's touchscreen.
A mockup prototype for mobile devices.


A render of the full animation sequence.
A render of the full animation sequence in 'x-ray mode'.


Various graphic style experiments.
A 3D model of the Océ Varioprint 6320 made in Google Sketchup.
The 3D model of the Océ VarioPrint 6320 imported and edited in 3D Studio Max.
A close-up of the 3D model with an open paper tray.
A close-up of the 3D model with an open top cover.
A render of the 3D model in 'x-ray view'.
The final design of the interface. In this case the 'more info' overlay is active.
Mobile interface design showing an overview of all printers in a workplace and errors on one specific printer.
Mobile interface design showing a compact version of the instructions with and without the 'more info' overlay.
Usability test results, using the Microsoft Desirability Toolkit. The size of the words illustrates the frequency this word was associated with the prototype.


Icon Google Sketchup
Icon Autodesk 3DS Max
Icon Adobe Illustrator
Icon Adobe Flash
Rozenfestival cover


Design for Print - June 2012

The Rozenfestival (literal translation: Roses festival) is a biennial cultural festival held in Lottum, a village regionally known for its roses. The theme of the festival in 2012 was ‘roses connect cultures’. I was asked to design large panels representing various (musical) cultures.

My idea was to represent musical cultures by using instantly recognizable silhouettes of musicians and dancers on a coloured background. The colour of the background corresponds with the colour of the roses used to represent this culture during the musical performance.


This panel represents Japanese drummers.
This panel represents African djembe music.
This panel represents traditional Irish music. More specifically: the famous theatrical show 'Riverdance'.
This panel represents traditional Peruvian panpipe music.


Icon Adobe Illustrator
AnnaNet cover


Video Production - June 2011

During my internship at LaVerbe, I made a promotional video for AnnaNet. This is a network of organisations and small businesses located in the St. Annastraat, one of the main streets in the city Nijmegen.

The first part of the job was to film usable footage. It was important that the street would be instantly recognisable in the video, so I started by filming recognisable landmarks and businesses in the street. Once I finished filming, I made a selection of the best clips and edited them into a single video in Adobe After Effects. The square effects used in the corners are inspired by the AnnaNet logo.

Note: The AnnaNet logo and background music were made by other LaVerbe employees.


AnnaNet promotional video made in After Effects.


Icon Adobe After Effects


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